While there are some obvious things to look for when touring a cat boarding facility, such as cleanliness and hygiene of the cages and general facility, some other important aspects might not be as immediately obvious. Here is a list of things to check when touring to make sure your cat will be happy and healthy.

Noise levels

Cats are very sensitive to noise, so facilities should have limited noise from other animals. Ideally, he facilities should be well separated, but this is easier in spacious rural facilities than in busy inner city location so in some situations there might be white noise machines or nature/water sound tracks in the cat boarding facilities to block out other noises. Regardless, you shouldn't be able to hear nearby dogs or other animals in the facility.

Well-labelled cages

Cages should be labelled clearly with the animal's name, and any grooming, food and medication that they have received. By having clearly marked facilities, you can be confident that your animal will not be mistaken for another animal and be inadvertently given the wrong food or medication. As cats don't usually have formal exercise patterns in a similar way to dogs, the carers will usually mark down when they have spent time petting or playing with the cats on the spread sheets.

Staff attitude

If the staff seem overwhelmed and unable to answer questions, their stress will be reflect in the animal's demeanour. Animals are very sensitive to the mood of the carer and your cat is unlikely to enjoy the stay if they feel the stress coming off the animals. Happy staff will enjoy interacting with the animals and with each other, leading to a relaxing and comfortable session.

Visibility between cages

If cats are used to living together with their 'cat family' they will generally be happier if they can see and smell their usual companions. Generally cats prefer not to see other cats, so cages are often orientated so that the cats cannot see each other. Ask the cat boarding facility, if this is the case, if they can place your cats in the same group space so that can calm each other and groom each other. This can help your cats adjust to the change of living situation.

Finding a comfortable and relaxing environment for your cats to board while you are away can help you to relax and enjoy your holiday.