Customers are usually inclined to shop around for the most affordable prices, and cattery customers are no exception. For cattery owners, it's not only important to maintain competitive prices but also uphold a high profile. Read on for further insight on how you can do this based on the type of customers you want to attract.

Previous customers

Normally, cattery owners maintain a record of the name, address and contact information of every customer. When your cattery isn't fully boarded during the cold months, it may be worthwhile to go through the records and identify the customers that haven't used your cattery facility in the last one year. Probably they no longer own a cat, or they relocated to another area. You should follow up on your old customers through phone calls. Majority of cat owners will be happy that you haven't forgotten about them as well as their cats. Whenever a customer who has previously boarded your cattery for a while unexpectedly stops coming, there's probably a good reason behind it, and your task is to know that reason. In case it's a cost issue, you may offer to accept their quoted price if it's acceptable to you.

Existing customers

You can offer a few incentives to maintain a loyal and consistent client base. For example, most regular cattery customers will travel away for the weekends for things like family get-togethers, weddings or for regular weekend breaks. More often than not, most customers would rather assign a neighbor or relative the task of looking after their cat, instead of using a boarding a cattery facility for a weekend. In the first instance, you may offer to pick up and deliver the cat for free. This may appear like a small gesture however you might be amazed at how grateful a busy individual would be. Further, for your consistent customers, one or two weekends a year at no cost wouldn't do any harm but would go a long way in fostering the loyalty.

New customers

Every cattery owner seeks to attract new customers to increase his or her client base. Think about all your contacts, your friends, your family—the list is endless. Spread the information about your cattery business through word-of-mouth. Each person whom you speak with and persuade will help spread the information to other people through viral marketing leading to dozens of new clients. Another avenue to use is magazine advertising. Last but not least, local radio stations are also a great advertising avenue. Many people tune in to their local radio stations every day. You can email the producers of the different radio programmes that you wish to target, and request for an opportunity to take part in a short talk regarding running a cattery facility.